Interview Ready!

It has been too long since I have done a traditional post, but I am here with a new one! I have recently been offered some amazing opportunities to meet some of my idols in the journalism field. I was recently able to interview the beautiful Bianca De La Garza for WEBN, a news organization I work for! This was a fun interview where we discussed her career as a journalist, but also her new talk show Bianca Unanchored! This interview was so important to me, that I knew I had to dress to impress.

I wore a floral pencil skirt, with a lace hem. I paired it with a cream blouse, navy blazer, and my Sam Edelman flats. Makeup was full glam of course because I was on camera!

IMG_0295 IMG_0333


Skirt: Free People   Top: Francesca’s     Blazer: Gap    Shoes: Sam Edelman

It was an absolute pleasure meeting Bianca! She is the sweetest and very talented! This outfit was perfect for an interview on camera, but could also work for a job interview as well. It is classy, but adds that style factor that will make you stand out!

I’ll post the interview once it is edited and up! Make sure to watch her show Bianca Unanchored Saturdays at 11:35 pm on WCVB, channel 5 ABC.

XOXO Navy and Lace

Be Graduation Fabulous!

Graduations are approaching very quickly, and it is very important to look your best! But just because you should look your best doesn’t mean you have to look boring! Below are some looks that I paired together that are fabulous options for a girl of any style! (Any of these styles can be worn with a cute pair of flats and/or wedges!)

GYD500181_grn-cl-w180 HE4835GD_gold-cl-w180 1191745_white-cl-w180


Dress        Earrings       Necklace


15977F_citro-cl-w180 91N131429-3H-_cora-cl-w180 WTE26622-9A_peac-cl-w180


Dress        Necklace        Earrings


MD2428_white-cl-w180 HE25222-1A_blue-cl-w180 N2963_mint-cl-w180


Dress           Earrings        Necklace



Dress           Earrings      Bracelet


D2508_ivry-cl-w180 10480_01 9812_01


Dress           Earrings      Bracelet

All of the dresses featured are from Francesca’s along with most of the jewelry! Some of the pieces are from Bauble Bar! Links are above! Feel free to mix and match any pieces of jewelry to go with any outfit! These are just fun examples to show you how to feel fabulous at your graduation (or a friends!) Until next time!

-XOXO Navy and Lace


By now, you should all know that I am OBSESSED with maxi dresses! I already did one post breaking them out for the season! However, this post is naming them my TOP TREND FOR SPRING/SUMMER 2014! A simple maxi with a cropped jean jacket, light scarf, and sandals are perfect for any occasion!

Yesterday, I wore this maxi that I recently got in the mail with a jean jacket and some plain, flat chestnut sandals. The back is gorgeous on the maxi, so I cannot wait to show it again, only wearing it a different way! Some similar looks shown is one by Kim Kardashian (pre baby.) She pairs this cute knit maxi with a denim jacket, some aviator sunnies, sandals, and a cute beige tote bag. Jessica Alba, on the other hand, changed up her floral maxi look with a denim crop vest, cotton scarf, and some wedges! Each look adds a fresh and easy take on the fun maxi!

Maxi’s are fairly inexpensive and really easy to wear! Make sure the length is perfect! It shouldn’t be too long or too short! It should hit right at the ankle! Add a pop of color on the lips and some long luxurious locks and a girl is good to go!

Try this favorite trend for spring and summer! You will be fresh and fabulous for any occasion! Until next time!

My maxi: Forever 21    Jean jacket: Nordstrom (previous post)

IMG_2285 IMG_2287

Kim-Kardashian-Nude-Maxi-Dress-1 dbn-jessicaalba-maxidress1

-XOXO Navy and Lace

Breaking out the Maxi’s

It was a solid 50 degrees today with the sun out, bright and shining! I could not resist the urge to throw on one of my new maxi dresses! I just got a package in the mail (we all know how excited I get when I receive mail) and could not wait to try everything on! I am hopeful warmer weather is on its way, so I can throw a cute maxi on and go!

Maxi’s come in all different styles and shapes with lengths that could range from having a train to being high/low. Today, I am wearing a red patterned maxi dress with spaghetti straps that criss cross, revealing a very open back. The length is long and has a couple of slits varying on either side. This dress also comes with a chest snap to better conceal the top part of the dress, and a slip underneath that only goes to the mid thigh. The pattern is on a paisley side with hues of blue and white mixed in. I paired this with  one of my new favorite obsessions, which is my new straw, woven hat. For shoes, I wore a pair of short booties, but when it’s warmer, I recommend wearing a pair of cute flat strappy sandals, preferably a neutral color. My hair was already curled, so it flowed perfectly with the look! I am not wearing any jewelry, but this look would go great with some gold bracelets/bangles or a long chain necklace with a pendent of some sort!

I am OBSESSED with maxi dresses! They are honestly the easiest thing to put together on a hot day, or if you are in a rush! They can be dressed up or down and always look well put together! Just throw on some cute sandals, a hat, and/or jean jacket and you are ready to rock that look over and over again!

So, why not try a maxi this season? You will be surprised at how easy and glamorous they can transform your look!

Dress: Forever 21        Hat: Anthropologie       Shoes: Guess (In previous post)

IMG_2272 IMG_2273 IMG_2274 IMG_2275 IMG_2276 IMG_2277 IMG_2278 IMG_2280

-XOXO Navy and Lace

From the Runway to You!

I’ve always been obsessed with runway looks! There is an essence of beauty to each and every one of them. They are a piece of artwork that you may not want to wear, but appreciate because they tell a story! However, I am always interested in finding everyday pieces that can get me the runway look, yet still fit me and my style. ( And my wallet of course!) Below I have selected some of my favorite spring looks right from the runway and styles that I found to give you that “right off the runway” look!

041beaffe7209a2a93dec19eb6879f10 00050926-02

The runway look is provided by Alberta Ferretti. The floral print pops on the runway, and the style is a perfect girly addition to the dress. The dress to the right is provided by Forever 21. It is a fit and flare dress with short sleeves and vibrant floral colors. This a perfect way to achieve the runway look, keep within your budget, and really show that spring has sprung!

73502883fdb62c5b963bb71570315708 asos-floralprint-floral-print-beach-knot-side-crop-top-and-short-set-product-4-6383870-286865404_large_flex


This short and crop top combo look on the runway is from Balenciaga’s 2014 Spring collection! These matching shirt and short combinations form a put together look, while still feeling fun and flirty! A similar look is shown to the right by Asos. It still has the high waisted short and crop top feel, but with a nice floral pattern. Adds a touch to a normally plain look.

6b9f7ec67262180509a51bf491b80d41 image1xl-3


Pinks! They are a trend for Spring 2014! The look on the left is by Burberry Prorsum! It features a blush dress with a collar and a beautiful cotton lace feel. The look on the right is a less expensive and chic look by Asos! You still get the innocent feel from the color and the semi-conservative style, yet showing off your fashion for the warmer days!

These looks combine a sophistication of the runway and a fun air of spring! Try them out! These looks will take you right off the runway!

-XOXO Navy and Lace

Where’s my horse?

I will be the first to say that I am not a country girl. It is a fact. I was born to be a city girl.The glamour that a city exudes and the hustle and bustle of everyday is what attracts me. However, when it comes to style, I am open to anything! I actually find a cute lace dress and riding boots to be sweet and innocent. However, I always end up joking around and asking the question Where’s my horse?

Since the weather was much warmer than usual, I decided to go tightless! I was shocked myself that I could walk out the door and not even freeze! I wore this adorable peach, lace dress with cap sleeves and a little button up back. The dress is on the shorter side, but no worries! Shorts can be worn underneath, depending on comfort. I then paired a semi-faded cropped jean jacket over and of course added my chestnut riding boots to finish off the look. I then pulled my hair back into a high pony and was ready to embrace the spring air!

I really like this look! Even though it is a little outside of my comfort zone, I love how comfortable it is! It also has elements of grace and sweetness! This look can be achieved with nearly any dress! Just think! You could have different outfits for everyday using simply the dresses in your closet! How could it get any better?!

So next time you are in the mood to add a spring air and some country flare, try this look! You will be surprised at how versatile it is! Dress it up, down, make it edgy, or plain! As long as you are wearing your confidence then that is all that matters!

Dress: (Purchased on vacation in Spain, but here’s one and another)    Jacket: Nordstroms

Boots: In previous posts!


IMG_2261 IMG_2262 IMG_2263 IMG_2265

-XOXO Navy and Lace

Moments of Spring

Today felt like spring! The sun was shining, the weather was above 40 degrees, the birds were chirping, and the air smelled of fresh flowers. I was so excited to spend the day out and about, ready to enjoy a day without snow! My first instinct was that I had to choose an outfit appropriate for the lovely day!

I wanted to go jacketless today, so since there was still a cool breeze, I decided to still layer a bit! I lightly layered a black 3/4 sleeve sweater with a sleeveless collared floral blouse! I was able to feel semi springy with my floral top, but still warm with the black sweater! I threw on a pair of dark skinnies, some flats, and curled my long locks to complete the look of the day!

Since it was still chilly out today, I didn’t want to completely open my spring wardrobe. I added a piece of it to my winter attire and was ready to go out! I love how you can only see a peek of the shirt, not giving away the entire thing, since spring hasn’t made its grand entrance yet!

So for a day like today, add pops of spring to your outfit, but don’t give it away too much! Still keep it a little secret for when March 21 arrives! Until next time!

Sweater: Gap (Similar)     Blouse: Nordstrom rack (Similar)   Jeans: Express (In previous posts)

Shoes: Steve Madden (In previous posts)

IMG_2247 IMG_2248 IMG_2249 IMG_2251 IMG_2252

-XOXO Navy and Lace

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