A little sunday DIY

Happy Sunday! So happy to finally be doing a normal blog post again! Videos are so fun, but I love when I can sit and type up a post on a lovely day! So here is the story… I purchased these adorable bandeau bra tops the other day! Last night I sat and gazed at my closet, trying to figure out shirts and dresses I could pair them with. I gave up after a little bit, but this morning I had an epiphany! Why don’t I use my fabulous DIY skills and switch up a shirt!

So that is what I did! The shirt I am wearing is originally a long crochet top. However, it is a little big for me when worn normally. I love it, but I could never figure out the best way to wear it. Suddenly, I had the BEST idea! I threw on these adorable high-waisted pink shorts and saw that one of my bandeau’s matched perfectly. It is black with little pink flowers on it. Because I am obsessed with crochet, this shirt was a must. I put it on and decided to take the loose front and tie it into a knot! And voila! My magic worked! I transformed it into an adorable knit crop!

I have always been obsessed with making little changes like this to certain pieces in my closet! It is super easy and actually a money saver! Take old pieces and make them new again!

Enjoy your Sunday! And remember, with a little DIY style, you can transform any outfit!

Top: Forever 21 (Similar)    Shorts: Forever 21        Bandeau: Forever 21

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-XOXO Navy and Lace

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