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Hi reader!

I’m Courtney! A typical girl from a small, suburban town with very BIG dreams! As a child, I fell in love with fashion, drawing as best as I could, convincing myself that being a fashion designer was my future! A couple of art classes later, I realized drawing was not my expertise, but writing sure was! I started Navy and Lace in the fall of 2013 as a way to write about my love for beauty and fashion! Forming outfits and applying makeup came natural to me, but it was my ability to write about the topic and reach an audience that made my blog even more fulfilling!

As I developed and grew my blog, I formed my YouTube channel under my name as a way to reach a larger audience through video and my love of makeup! I am now a growing makeup artist, always excited for new clientele!

My goal is to not just show what outfits look “cute” and what makeup you should wear. My goal is to show that you can feel CONFIDENT in anything you wear! Confidence is key, and my blog is here to prove to girls that we are classy, smart, and stylish all at the same time! Remember, you wear the clothes! The clothes do not wear you!

Make sure you subscribe to my blog to get daily emails when a new item is posted! And feel free to follow me on instagram @courtneyk1, as well as my YouTube channel at Courtney Kaner to see featured beauty tutorials!

To contact me for business or makeup applications please send an email at courtney.kaner@gmail.com!


-XOXO Navy and Lace

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